The only real draft picks helper provides, through its complex algorithms, the best picks based on "Banned Champions", "Allied Champions" and "Enemies Champions". Our algorithm does not rely on the most counters used but changes mathematically based on the choices of all the players, suggesting the strongest champion for your team and against the opposing team.

IMPORTANT: Many users do not realize that the system does not take in consideration the roles chosen by the allies by picking a particular champion (This is because the system can not know if an ally that will take fiddlestick will go Mid, Support or Jungler), for this reason it will continue to suggest additional Top / Jungler / Mid / ADC / Support even when this role has already been chosen. So when it is your turn to pick, it is more appropriate to select one of the roles for which you decided to go (by clicking one of the buttons Top - Jungler - Mid - ADC - Support) and choose one of the champions with the higher value as the system suggests that those champions shown are the best to use according to the picks made up to that moment.

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